The use of color is one of the most recognizable characteristics of my work.

My approach is very intuitive; I make intense abstractions, and I explore the tactile texture and sensual qualities of my materials.

I have been occupied with line and color for some time; subtle color gradients have recently become a prominent element in my work. Observing shifting color and light in nature is an ecstatic experience for me. I find myself experiencing simultaneous excitement and calm, producing a desire to bring this dynamic opposition into my work. In my current paintings, I use the boundaries between broad and narrow bands of adjacent colors to generate visual vibrations. I am intrigued by the way the eye and brain process these transitions between colors, informing the viewer’s emotional and physical response to the work.

“...My imagination travels to unknown existing dimensions that I describe through a process of layering. When I paint, I feel connected with a higher power guiding me to describe these visions with colors and textures. 

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